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Discover My Philosophy

Successful interiors have perfect decoration with sound design principles underlying them. My distinctive designs meet all practical and aesthetic needs of clients, while not compromising on quality and comfort. I am fortunate to have a contact list of great craftsmen who, like me, believe in perfection. I also deal with the top suppliers of fabrics, furniture, fittings etc.


I take great pride in my work and hope you will too. 

Why Use An Interior Designer?

An interior designer will help you realize your "own" ideas, far more effectively and quickly than going it alone. The hard work will be eliminated, thus, making designing your house or office an enjoyable experience. A professional can also  Why use an interior designer provide fixtures, fittings and fabrics, which are often unavailable through retail outlets, not to mention, a team of reliable craftsmen. All in all, you get a fresh and objective perspective.

Pivotal to an interior designer's success is the relationship she forms with the client. She is very aware that the relationship often becomes one of the most personal outside the immediate family.

Whether you choose a designer by recommendation, local research or a follow up

having seen the result of their work, the rapport with your designer establishes itself

very quickly. The client-designer empathy is intrinsic to the success of any project.

An Interior Designer is often significantly less expensive than you might imagine.

An Interior Designer will also save you from making costly mistakes by offering effective solutions up-front.

Compare DIY vs Hiring An Interior Designer

What Goes Into An Interior Design Project

You! The whole project revolves around you... starting from your dreams, your needs, lifestyle, budget etc. The final result will be an outcome of all of these parameters acting cohesively, with the designer acting as a guide.


This illustration shows the

elemental approach I take

to ensure that the project

truly belongs to you in all


The elements that go into an interior design project

Get Familiar With The Interior Design Process (Click Below)

The steps involved in an interior design project

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact you?


Early! It is much easier to plan and implement structural, electrical or plumbing changes on paper during the design phase, rather than after construction. Moreover, if you contact me early, there is a greater chance of my bandwidth being available for you. Ideally speaking, the design process should start at least 3 months before the builder hands over the house to you. Since I take on a limited number of projects, my bandwidth is booked well in advance by homeowners. So, you should ideally contact me as early as possible, and if possible a year before handover.


How long will it take to finish a project?


It depends... the duration is entirely dependent on the scope and size of the project. I have worked on small projects that have finished in 3 months and large projects that lasted 8 months. It all depends on how quickly you can finalise the designs and, thereafter, how quickly you decide on the finishing touches.


Which parts of Bangalore do you work in?


I work in and around the Whitefield area - Marathahalli, ORR towards Sarjapur, ORR towards KR Puram, Hoodi, Mahadevapura, Kadugodi, Sarjapur, Brookefield, Harlur, Varthur towards Sarjapur etc. Please contact me to know the feasibility of your location. 


Do you provide free quotes?


It is impossible to estimate how much your interiors will cost, without first designing them. For example, the cost of interiors for a three-bedroom apartment can vary anywhere between Rs.8,00,000 to Rs.20,00,000 based on variables like the complexity of the design, the choice of materials, hardware, etc. So, in summary, I can give you ballpark figures, but not an accurate quote.


Do you provide free consultations?


Yes... to a certain extent. Feel free to contact me and ask me a question! I may also be able to take a quick look at the floor plan and offer an opinion. However, if you would like me to visit in person and provide design options, then I will charge a nominal amount. This amount can be applied towards my overall fees, if you decide to engage me as your designer.

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