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"Instant Karma" in Interior Design - top mistakes homeowners should avoid

Building a house and getting the interior design done a great experience, when done right. After reading the interior design advice below, most homeowners may say"I wish someone told me back then!"

1. Keep the change - save and set aside some "real" money for soft furnishings, drapes, furniture, light fixtures & accessories before interiors. Shop around to get an estimate of how much you'll need. Deposit or invest that money and don't touch it until it's time. Homeowners often overspend on wood-work, and end up becoming penny-wise towards the end when buying drapes, lights and furniture, which tie it all together. Decisions made under financial duress could drastically downgrade the look and feel of the finished project.

2. Keep it real:

  • you can't have everything you see in a magazine - finalize a design and stick to it to avoid delays and extra costs. Admit to yourself that there will always be other good ideas in magazines. Your designer is going to ensure that your house is going to look great too!

  • know scale and proportion of furniture - measure, measure, measure before buying that huge sofa! Use graph sheets (or any software) to play with exact dimensions. Don't neglect the space you'll need to comfortably walk around (a 3 to 4 foot clearance is ideal).

  • avoid "Gruhapravesh lighting" - this is what a contractor calls it

when clients want 100 additional light fixtures, which will never be turned on again after the housewarming party. Hint - careful planning here can save you a lot of moolah for soft furnishings :)

  • don't expect champagne with a beer budget - Carpenter

Laluji can't give you the exotic wood veneer, when you are paying him only enough for laminate. You get what you pay for. Your designer can help you plan to get the biggest bang for your buck.

There is a remarkable difference between wood veneers and laminates.

3. Keep the faith - designers know their Sh...Stuff! Let them do it! The design process is based on harmony between client's taste and the designers advise. Resist the temptation to step in place of the designer and make incongruous design decisions, just to prove a point. Often, after one or two attempts at politely persuading you away from the design mistake, the designer just gives in. It's you who has to live with the mistake.

4. Keep it... NOT! Grandma's brass Kadai has seen it's heyday, and could be a tad out of place as a centerpiece on your coffee table. Get rid of that old sofa with pizza stains and holes :-). Re-upholster and repair furniture. Sell or donate stuff. Decide between wants vs. needs. You are making a brand new start.

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